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Subject: Appreciate
Name: Bud Blanke
E-mail address: bud [at] md [dot] metrocast [dot] net
Location: Hollywood, MD

#3 Comment (Wed Sep 3, 7:59:15 EDT 2014):
Great weather information source, thanks

Subject: Awesome weather site!!!
Name: B. Wyman
E-mail address: woodwind841 [at] gmail [dot] com
Location: United States

#2 Comment (Tue May 13, 13:49:28 EDT 2014):
Bob your heart out! This is a great weather resource. All of the meteorological info
you could possibly want!! Where is the SNOW??? The Mals what to pull the sled....

Subject: Sighning your guest book
Name: Amber Jenkins
E-mail address: jenkinsamber83 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Location: St.marys county MD

#1 Comment (Fri Mar 16, 15:17:14 EDT 2012):
Just like to thank you for your help with the weather. If you ever want to advertize in a
restaurant. Call Leah or Me @ 410-326-6828

God Bless

Amber Jenkins (Only if you want to place an ad please)
Work # (410)326-6828 (only if you want to place an ad with a restaurant)